Nastavna baza Medicinskog fakulteta Sveučilišta J.J. Strossmayera Osijek

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After my hip surgery I searched for a place where I would receive my therapy as soon as possible, the hospital in Lipik was the first to offer me treatment. I was offered accommodation in a newly opened apartment which I enjoyed more than a hotel room. Although I was using crutches, I had no problem walking 50 meters to get to my therapies. I have no words to describe my pleasure with all of my experiences in Lipik. From the friendly nurse who explained everything about Admissions to the department head who led me to my suite in the Ankini dvori, to the kindness, politeness, respect and car... read more

Barica Polarec, Velika Gorica

I suffered big problems with my spine which led to weakness and degeneration of the right muscle in my legs causing me to stop walking. I received treatment at the neurology department in Virovitica and in the Sestre milosrdnice hospital in Zagreb. The neurosurgeon said I had big problems with the vertebrae, from L2 to S1, and the surgical procedure was cancelled. I was referred to the Specialized Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik, to the neurology department. Despite my severe immobile condition, I was greeted kindly and professionally by the staff, and particularly the chi... read more

Miroslav Gojević, Suhopolje