Nastavna baza Medicinskog fakulteta Sveučilišta J.J. Strossmayera Osijek

Ward III

The ward is located on the first floor of the Home II (Kurhotel), and it has 51 beds.  In this ward, patients are mostly dependant on other people’s care and help. Each patient has a toilet, and they bathe in hydrotherapy baths or showers adjusted to dependant patients.

The ward has a designated area for religious services, for patients who cannot visit the hospital chapel, and the religious service can also be arranged in patients’ rooms, in agreement with the ward’s chief nurse. To a family that wishes to spend more time with the patient we offer accommodation in the same ward, or some other hospital ward. That way, family members can participate in and learn more about patient’s care, to be ready for the moment when the patient leaves our facility.

Alongside hydrotherapy room, the ward has a recreation room and thermotherapy paraffin baths.

Intensive care is provided 24/7 and the number of staff is customised according to needs of dependant patients.