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The shockwave therapy

The shockwave therapy is a modern and efficient treatment method. High-energy soundwaves are brought to the painful areas where they encourage the process of the natural tissue regeneration. Shockwaves improve circulation and the metabolism of the pathologically altered tissues thus encouraging self-healing. This innovative treatment systematically eliminates pathological changes in tendons and muscles.

Specialized Hospital Lipik uses the newest generation Duolith SD1 Ultra for shockwave therapy, which includes a treatment with focused and radial shockwaves and V-actor. The shockwave therapy is used for the following diagnosis:

  • Plantar fasciitis (heel spur)
  • Radial epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • Ulnar epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow)
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Achillodynia
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Trochanteric tendonitis
  • Calcific shoulder tendonitis
The shockwave therapy