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About Lipik

Lipik is a picturesque town in western Slavonia, located on the slopes of Psunj, at the altitude of 152m. It is characterised by a mild lowland climate and the natural wealth of thermal mineral water, with spring temperature of around 60°C at the spring and the chemical composition of fluorine, sodium, calcium and hydrogen carbonate among other compounds.

The settlement grew around the therapeutic springs, which were known since Roman times. The sanatorium was established more than 200 years ago and was mentioned under the name of "Iodine baths" in the noble family Janković’s map from 1782.

At the end of the last century, the facilities and the park were built giving shape to the sanatorium complex. Lipik thrived between the two World wars, when it was included on the list of the most famous European sanatoriums.

During the War of Independence, Lipik suffered catastrophic devastation, but today it works hard at rebuilding and creating new facilities in order to become once again what is has always been – a famous tourist and medical centre.

About Lipik