Nastavna baza Medicinskog fakulteta Sveučilišta J.J. Strossmayera Osijek

About us

The Specialist Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik is one of the oldest economic entities in Lipik. It owes its several century long tradition primarily to the natural therapeutic benefits of the area where Lipik is located, as well as to its excellent experts who knew how to combine natural springs and the best medical advancements in a way that helps people improve their health.

Therapeutic mineral water has a constant spring temperature of 62°C, and the prevailing elements in its chemical composition are fluorine, sodium, calcium and hydrogen carbonate.

The hospital has been working in its present form since 1971, continuing the tradition of the Lipik Sanatorium which is as old as the little town – over two centuries. The Specialist Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik specializes in rehabilitation of neurological conditions and diseases, rheumatic diseases, posttraumatic conditions, postoperative rehabilitation, bladder control problems, as well as preventive medicine and health tourism. The treatments are supervised by medical specialists, including 7 physiatrists, 2 neurologists, an internist and a speech therapist-defectologist, physiotherapists, work therapists, nurses and other employees (about 200 employees). The Hospital has an ECG and EMG room, a kitchen with a restaurant and other. Duration of a treatment at the Hospital depends on the type and severity of the condition and can last from two to six weeks. (3 weeks on average).

About us