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I feel a great desire and need to thank the medical staff and physiotherapists of the SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL FOR MEDICAL REHABILITATION LIPIK. They admitted me so kindly when I arrived in a wheelchair with a serious cervical spine injury, and after working with a BOBATH THERAPY SPECIALIST and receiving numerous therapies, I am able to walk again. It is horrible and physically unbearable when, after such an injury, a person becomes a slave of their body, but then you find an institution like this, which puts you back on your feet and returns you to life... THANK YOU AND WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU

Vlado Dautović, Nova Gradiška

I suffered big problems with my spine which led to weakness and degeneration of the right muscle in my legs causing me to stop walking. I received treatment at the neurology department in Virovitica and in the Sestre milosrdnice hospital in Zagreb. The neurosurgeon said I had big problems with the vertebrae, from L2 to S1, and the surgical procedure was cancelled.

I was referred to the Specialized Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Lipik, to the neurology department. Despite my severe immobile condition, I was greeted kindly and professionally by the staff, and particularly the chief nurse who welcomed me and helped me settle in my room, dr. Merisande Časar-Rovazdi, the head of the department and physiotherapist Mr Ivan Žilić.

That same afternoon I was thoroughly examined and referred to the McKenzie treatment. I had individual physiotherapy, and the treatment was performed with incredible patience, kindness, encouragement and professionalism. The physiotherapist gave me the will to exercise, and after asking what my goal was, I said the goal was to walk again. He set the goal of walking 100m using an aid, and that is when I realized that it will take a great will and effort, both on his and my part, for me to walk again.

Following his instructions, I continued exercising twice a day and slowly started walking with the help of an aid. With his support and professional advice, I returned to Lipik in four months, walking upright and without an aid, to request a tour of the hospital. While on treatment, I had only seen the therapy rooms, and I wanted to see the entire hospital and the staff that helped me.

I would like to thank the entire staff for the care and persistence they showed me, and I will remember their joy after seeing me walk upright and without any help for the rest of my life. I still do exercises each day, as my physiotherapist instructed me, I do small chores around the house and also walk 10km each day.

I am thankful to the entire hospital team, because they managed to give me hope and show optimism even in the hardest times.

Miroslav Gojević, Suhopolje

After my hip surgery I searched for a place where I would receive my therapy as soon as possible, the hospital in Lipik was the first to offer me treatment. I was offered accommodation in a newly opened apartment which I enjoyed more than a hotel room. Although I was using crutches, I had no problem walking 50 meters to get to my therapies. I have no words to describe my pleasure with all of my experiences in Lipik. From the friendly nurse who explained everything about Admissions to the department head who led me to my suite in the Ankini dvori, to the kindness, politeness, respect and care – things that every patient needs. The hospital chief nurse picked me up from my suite and led me to doctor Oto, a lovely man who listened to me, examined me and explained everything. The entire staff is always smiling, from the cleaning staff to physiotherapists, nurses, doctors, waitresses. The restaurant is amazing and I will never forget the beautiful garden full of flowers.

I must also mention and thank the director, who greeted me very warmly and talked to me, even though I was just a patient.

I am already booking a reservation to return next year.

In Lipik, 20 August, 2013

 Your Barica Palorec, the first patient in Ankini dvori

  Thank you!

Barica Polarec, Velika Gorica